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Solid Talent Professional VO

Commercial Men & Women

Solid Talent specializes in providing professional and experienced voiceover performers of all ages and styles for broadcasting, animation, promo, theatrical, live announcing, radio and more. Our wide range of voices and ages give your team the choices you need in one place.
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Trailers and Promos

While colorfully reciting unfamiliar lines from a sheet of paper has become an acceptable standard for some actors, our top-tier talent will bring your copy to life, projecting your message or product, making the connection with your audience as only the best voice actors can.
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“Troll – Male. 25-35. Must sound like a Troll; not an angry Troll, but not a happy Troll. Not stupid, but not too intelligent-sounding. Deep, firm, gravelly voice, but with a lilt of light-heartedness and compassion. Think Terminator meets The Tooth Fairy.” Casting for this $70 billion dollar business requires voice actors who excell in character interpretation and performance. Solid Talent's voice actors have the craft and creativity to expertly perform in all areas of Animation, including Video Games, anime, and Animated Features.
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